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Ed's Dogs provides a number of services to dog lovers and owners. They are are intended to provide a rich and stimulating experience to the dogs, and comfort to their owners that their beloved pets are in the very best and safest of hands in their absence. Listed below are some of the services offered:-

  1. Scheduled Regular Dog Walking
  2. Occasional walking
  3. Basic Training
  4. Dog, Animal and House Sitting
  5. Dog and Animal Minding
  6. Canine Transportation and Taxi Service
  7. Behavioural Advice and Guidance
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If there are any other services that you may need that are not in the list let Ed know. He will do his best to accomodate you and your pet

Background and Qualifications

General Animal Qualification Canine Specific Qualifications

Ed has done Voluntary work with dogs and cats at a well known animal charity

Ed has also worked with Wild Dogs and the Big Cats at a Safari Park

Background Ed has worked in various commercial sectors in roles in Retail, Sales, IT, and Warehousing. A number of years ago Ed decided he wanted to work with animals for the rest of his life. He also realised that to work with animals he would need to become qualified in animal care.

Qualifications Ed gained a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Animal Management after a two year course at Solihull College. After leaving College Ed worked at the West Midlands Safari Park as a Carnivore Keeper where he was responsible for the big cats (Lions, Tigers and Cheetahs). His main responsibility however was for the care and welfare of the packs of African Wild Dogs and Dholes (Asian Wild Dogs). Ed studied for further animal qualifications and now has a Certificate in Canine Basic First Aid and a Diploma in Canine Behaviour. These qualifications were gained with Distinction. Incidentally Ed, also has a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Computing, but he says dogs are far more interesting than computers "bytes are worse than barks".

Ed is always updating his knowledge and experience of dogs, and is currently engaged in studying further Canine Behaviour Qualifications

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Ed's Dogs has a bespoke vehicle which is equipped to carry upto four dogs at a time. Onboard there is a fully comprehensive canine first aid kit.

Also onboard are water, toys and towels for the benefit of the dogs. Regardles of how bad the weather gets, Ed will always return your pets in a dry condition, so they can immediately enter your home without creating a mess

Because of its equipment, Ed's Dogs can offer a multi-dog transporting service (taxi). We can take your pet to the vets, to your groomer, assist in home moving, in fact we can help with any type of canine transportation. Ed's Dogs can carry upto four dogs at any one time

Look out for the Ed's Dogs canine carrier, with its unique Registration Number ED55 DOG

Ed knows and has used all the best and safest places to walk your dog locally.

Ed has a fully enclosed and fenced in field available for sheltered walking, training and fun

Charges for Dog Walking and Training

  • Scheduled Regular Dog Walking, by the hour and half hour

  • Occasional Dog Walking, by hour and the half hour

  • Basic Training in enclosed safe area, by the hour

  • ”Dog              Go ahead, train me if you can

  • For Dog Sitting, Dog Minding, Other Animal Minding, Canine Taxi, and Behavioural Advice Charges, click on this link  Other Charges


  • Dog Walking (Group)  - ₤10 per hour
  • Dog Walking (Group)  - ₤7 per half hour
  • Dog Walking (Solo) - ₤12 per hour
  • Dog Walking (Solo) - ₤8 per half hour
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                           Basic Training”Dog

                       Basic Training in a safe area - ₤15 per hour

Any Group Activity will never include more than four dogs, and there are reduced charges for multi-day walking each week

For Dog Sitting, Dog Minding, Other Animal Minding, Canine Taxi and Behavioural Advice Charges, click on this link  Other Charges

Charges for Dog Sitting, Dog and Animal Minding, Dog Taxiing, and Behavioural Advice

  • Dog Sitting
  • Means we will visit your pets in the morning and evening at their home for comfort breaks, to feed them and to walk them

  • Dog Minding and other Animal Minding
  • Means we will stay overnight in your home and look after not only your dog but also any other domestic animals

  • Canine Taxi Service
  • Single or Multi Dog Transportation Services are available

  • Behavioural Consultations
  • By arrangement

To view Charges for Dog Walking and Training, click on this link        Dog Walking Charges

Dog Sitting and Animal Sitting

This includes any or all of your domestic pets. Ed's Dogs are qualified to look after all aspects of your pets' needs in your absence. We will visit your home twice in the day. Attend to your pets, and feed them as appropriate. Take your dog for an half hour walk and ensure your pets are safe and relaxed. Charge ₤18 On request we can text you a visit report

Dog Minding and Animal Minding.

Similar to the above, but we will stay overnight in your home. Unfamiliar people and environments can distress some dogs. So we will stay with your dog and other animals overnight. This will include feeding and walking your dog the next day. Charge ₤25 On request we can text you a visit report

Canine Taxi/Mutli Dog Transportation

There is a standard charge of ₤10 (the equivalent of a regular group walk charge) for the first hour or part thereof if it takes less than an hour. This will include the first 10 miles of the journey. Any extra miles are charged at ₤0.45 per mile. For longer journeys additional hours are charged at ₤8. plus the mileage rate already shown.

Behavioural Advice

Ed's Dogs can provide advice and guidance which is obviously specific to each dog. This should be arranged in advance with Ed. The charges will be agreed individually depending upon the nature of the problem.

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Notice Board

Customer Reviews

  • Ed really cares for our dog and his walks and training have greatly improved my ability to look after him - Sheila, Droitwich
  • Ed looks after my young dog during the week, and overnight fortnightly. He is brilliant with my dog - Adrian, Droitwich
  • My dog Finlay, really looks forward to Ed's visits and walks, he Finlay's walks so much fun - Vicki, Bromsgrove
  • Customer References and contacts can be provided on request. They are not publicised on the website for privacy reasons

Ed's Dogs Business hours are Monday to Saturday from 8am - 6pm However if you have needs outside these hours Ed's Dogs will do their best to help out. There is no extra charge for weekend services

Pet and House Sitting. Ed's Animal Management qualification enables Ed to provide backup house and pet minding/sitting services in addition to specific canine support. For your additional ease of mind all his animal qualifications are backed up with personal security checking DBS (used to be called CRB).

Ed's Dogs will always return your pet in a clean and dry state no matter what the weather. There are towels and water available in case of rain. The hours you pay for do not include 'pick up' and 'drop off' time, so your dog has a complete hour's walking and exercise whenever Ed's Dogs is walking him or her This applies to all our services

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